My name is Gary and I’m your typical retiree, who enjoys the occasional opportunity to serve God and Country, plus get out of the house once in a while.

I go to church with Linda White and her husband Gary at Leander First Assembly of God. This is how I became familiar with her Lost Closet Ministry. One day she mentioned that she needed someone to go out and pick up bundles and bags of clothing that people want to donate. She and her husband work during the daytime, so when people call with a clothing donation, Linda calls me, gives me their address and phone number and I go pick them up.

I just love my new little task! I get to go to areas that I haven’t seen in years, meet new people, PLUS, it gives my wife a little peace and quiet when I’m out of the house. We love each other dearly, but in retirement, we find that we need an occasional break from each other once in a while.

In meeting new folks, I get to learn a bit about them and occasionally pray with them for whatever needs they may have at the time. Sometimes they don’t have much to say, so I can just Thank God for them as I’m pulling out of their driveway and ask that He Bless them for their generosity. I always offer an invitation to visit us at Leander Assembly.

One day, I thanked a lady for a particularly large donation (a truck load!), I blessed her and offered my routine invitation. She immediately “shot back”, “I don’t believe in organized religion”. Set back a bit, I responded, “That works out great because were not very organized at Leander Assembly anyway!” Bless her heart! She gave me plenty of prayin’ material that morning!

Not long ago, I had a pick-up near where my wife gets her dialysis in Round Rock. It worked out that I could pickup my wife when she finished her treatment then drive just a couple of blocks and pickup the donation.

It was a Saturday morning so Linda was at The Lost Closet when my wife and I arrived with the bundles of clothes. As we hauled them through the door we saw two lovely young ladies, giggling, Ohhhing and Ahhhing and just generally bubbling over with joy! These girls were “fresh as daiseys”, the typical “Girls Next Door”!

It turned out that the clothes that I had just brought in were exactly the size that one of the ladies needed. They were very nice, “high dollar”, business professional looking clothes, too. The girl and her friend began crying, uncontrollably, tears of absolute joy! The next thing you know, Linda, my wife and Cindy, Linda’s volunteer helper, were all crying and hugging the girls and everyone was Praising God! Of course, stoic ol’ warhorse that I am, stood there with my hands in my pockets, blubberin’ like a baby!

Only a couple of days before this Saturday morning, that I’ll never forget, these “girls next door” were released from prison. They lost some years of their lives paying for their sins against society. They discovered the love and forgiveness of that same society through The Lost Closet Ministry. Most importantly, they learned that we all serve a God of Second Chances through our Lord Jesus Christ! You might say that those two “precious angels” were Found By The Son at The Lost Closet.

As I said before, I just love my new little task!